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Thank you for the game!

A lovely piece! It amazes me how games can take something so simple as hidden information and delayed feedback and turn it into a meaningful comment about alienation from people you once knew. The delay between clicking and person's answer is enough to make you think a little about weather or not you will be answered, and this small moment of inaction is what makes the game shine for me. I also liked that you've put additional effort into making each new playthrough unique, as you don't know who will answer you this time and the tension is preserved. I am really glad that for your entry you've decided not to go in all directions and instead realy explore this small facet of emotion with very minimalistic devices. Keep up the good job!

Unable to run on Firefox. Partial issue was webgl.disabled (set to true).  Even after changing that to allow webgl, game wouldn't finish loading (small sliver remaining).  Error "An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
TypeError: LOCAL_STORAGE is null"

Tried again in Brave browser (a Chrome derivative), and got the error "uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null".  Same amount not loading.

Oddly, earlier in the day, was able to access the game on a work computer (to test basic function).  

Running into the same error with several other browser games, though others load without issue.

Was able to play on Microsoft Edge.  It's very atmospheric, and I could feel the same sort of anxiety I've previously felt in irl.

Wow, this was an interesting experience.  I was so lost in though reading about memories made with these characters and was so immersed that I actually got excited when one responded. The music really fit well and I wish it was longer. Overall a great experience!


Close to home, I didnt knew that they would respond, but I found a way to get closer again. And this game made me remember that :) thanks

Thanks for playing. Im glad that you got that experience from it.


For a moment I was wondering if they had all forgotten, if they were ignoring me, but then someone responded.

For as little as this game is, it's been a neat surprise. Good job!

Thanks. It's a little on the slight side but Im pleased with the result and Im glad that you enjoyed the experience.